A hundred ways to go green – 25 / 10

With the economy struggling and many businesses doing under, the small business owner could be forgiven for thinking that going green is the last thing on his or her mind! However, with the government proposing a German-style system of fining wasteful and non-recycling businesses and green firmly back in fashion, it’s more important than ever to stay ecologically sound in business. Whether you run an office or a more open-plan business arrangement, if your premises’ eco-credentials aren’t solid, it’s time you thought about using sustainable housing principles in your business. You already know that whenever you add on another space to your business remit, the materials, the labour and the ongoing maintenance of that space take their toll. Building using ecologically sound techniques can save you energy and money in the long run, meaning that many additions will pay for themselves over the long term. Whatever you’re building, from on-site smoking shelters to a whole new space, if you’ve got that kind of vision, we’re the architects for you. Our simple, sound eco cube model is designed to maximise space and daylight while minimising energy output and maintenance costs. If that sounds good to you, then whether you’re looking for small additions or a big project, we’re the only firm you’ll need. We’ve got experience with everything from home garden rooms to modular holiday homes, meaning we’re the experts. What could you and your business do with a little extra space?