A Personal Space – 16 / 08

As the world grows busier and busier, the importance of private time becomes evermore pertinent. Conversely, however, personal space seems to getting thinner and thinner, which presents us with a real challenge. Luckily, at Ecospace we feel that we’ve got the solution – and our garden buildings are the perfect place to get a bit of “me time.” For personal space to be effective, it needs to a comfortable space to live in, and that is why at Ecospace we build our garden buildings to the highest aesthetic standards, utilizing only the best sustainable wood and modern furnishings. But how do we do this? Well as we are green architects, it means that we are uniquely qualified to offering great design. It’s our business, and that is why our garden shelters are not only functional, but also built to the best aesthetic standards, making them supremely comfortable places to work, rest and play in. Of course “personal space” is a fairly ambiguous term and will mean different things to different people, and that is why we like to give our clients a level of control over the design of their garden home, which means that it can become a space that really is personal. So, if the idea of personal space appeals to you , but you don’t quite know how to achieve it, why not consider one of our garden rooms; delivering true personal space.