A world of possibilities with garden studios – 20 / 10

It is often the case when buying property that it is necessary to sacrifice capacity for location. Desirable London homes are the best example of this; many working families choose to live close to the city in order to commute easily and enjoy its contemporary, cosmopolitan influence and many amenities. However, in order to enjoy proximity to the city, many people compromise and choose a home that is a little smaller than they might have liked. Additions to the family, or hobbies and working habits which take up a lot of space can make the home feel uncomfortably crowded. If you’re into sustainable housing, and want to make space to live without worrying about planning permission, then our bespoke and ecologically sound garden studios are the answer. What could you do with another room, one which used almost no energy and was always naturally temperate, clean and full of daylight? Our contemporary garden studios are designed around your garden, meaning they’re good investments, ecologically sound and elegant additions to your garden’s aesthetic. Whether you’d like a separate gym, studio or office, a swimming shelter by the pool, a rumpus room for the kids, or a small, safe property where an elderly parent can enjoy privacy and independence while staying nearby, our eco garden studios are the answer. They’re always designed with you in mind, which means that they really can be whatever you need them to be.