Additional Living Space for your Grown up Children – 19 / 11

It is a fact that more young adults than ever before are choosing to live with their parents rather than move out on their own. If you are the parent of a grown-up child then this is of great importance to you. After all, it can be hard to reconcile your son or daughter’s need for space and independence with the physical limits of your property. And, even with the best will in the world, it is inevitable that your ideologies and personalities will clash when you are forced to live on top of each other. If you are not fortunate enough to have a very large property then you may well decide that a home extension will provide you with the solution you’re after. Indeed, extending your property will not only provide you with some vital extra space; it will also add value to your home. However, whilst this may seem like a good idea on paper, it does in fact have some significant drawbacks. Perhaps the biggest downside of having an extension fitted is the inevitable disruption it causes. Having this kind of work done will mean having one or more of your rooms out of action for months on end. Unsurprisingly, this will force everyone within your home to be even more cramped together and therefore increase stress levels rather than reduce them. Another major problem that comes with property extensions is that of planning permission. For sure, the process of securing planning permission for your extension can be a lengthy drawn out affair which can be every bit as stressful as the work itself. And of course, there is also the very important consideration of price. When everything is totted up, the cost of a home extension is considerable to say the least. And, whilst it could be argued that your extension might pay for itself in the long-term, it has no validity if you do not decide to sell your home at a later date. So, if an extension is not the answer – what is? Well, we here at Ecospace believe that we have the perfect answer to this particular situation – garden rooms. Insulated garden buildings can provide your home with a space that has all the comforts of an extra room whilst being separated away from the house in a completely standalone building. This room could be used as a chill out space for your grown up child to hang out with their friends or even as self-contained bedroom or mini-flat. If you wanted, you could even add a mini-kitchen and/or shower. Without doubt, these versatile sustainable housing options are great alternatives to home extensions as they cost significantly less and can be installed far more quickly. In addition, they use low-energy lighting and heating, so they don’t cost very much to run either. So, if you are after an affordable, convenient and stylish addition for your family’s living space, take some time to browse our pages further here at Ecospace.