Advantages of an Ecospace Studio over extensions – 23 / 06

At Ecospace Studios we pride ourselves on offering a distinctly unique take on garden studios and extensions. However, it is not only our environmental standards that make us unique, and nor is it our aesthetic ideals – its also our commitment to offering unrivalled functionality. When compared to a typical house extension for example, our garden rooms have high unlimited advantages. For example, they can be constructed quickly and efficiently; they are separate from your home, which makes them ideal as an office space; and they are built to stringent environmental and aesthetics standards, ideal if you want your garden rooms to scream beauty as well as function. A traditional extension would usually be built by builders to traditional design ideals and via traditional construction methods; however, this lack of versatility when it comes to the construction of traditional extensions is their major floor, and not only will you be left with a distinctly un-original building attached to your home, but it could take an inordinate amount of time to complete. With Ecospace however, as professional green architects we are able to innovate beyond ‘traditional’ design ideals and construction methods, and that is why by choosing Ecospace Studios your building can be completed in a fraction of the time that it would take to build a typical extension – and not only that, but we are also well versed in delivering thoroughly modern functionality, such as underfloor heating and low energy lighting.