Be inspired with Ecospace – 17 / 06

The modern world slows down for nobody, and therefore just keeping pace in today’s business or social environments can be a real drain. This means that there has never been a greater hunger for relaxing spaces – step in Ecospace Studios! That old idiom “a workman is only as good as his tools” can be extended for the modern context to mean “ a worker is only as good as his or her environment” i.e. as more and more of us are having to work in specialized spaces, i.e. offices, it is crucial that they are optimised to facilitate efficiency and comfort. Of course on aspect of this entails incorporating the correct tools into a workspace, i.e. a computer if its an office or soundproofing if it’s a recording studio. However, there is a more to a successful work environment than that, and if garden studios are going to work for you, they need to be accommodating spaces as well. At Ecospace Studios we feel that our garden studios make the ideal spaces for a professional, whether you need a space in your household to dedicate to relaxation or work, we feel that our unique constructions can live up to this demand. For example, our garden studios are built to the highest aesthetic standards – which are guaranteed to inspire, whilst not overpowering a functional space. And, unlike “traditional” garden constructions such as sheds, we install underfloor heating, low energy lights and power-points – ideal for creating a space that not only looks good, but meets the highest standards of functionality.