Beautiful Garden Buildings From Ecospace – 01 / 09

Many people consider home extensions but after looking at what is on offer, they can’t find something that matches their style quotient, nor their functional requirements. While traditional extensions are great for extending the house and can add a much needed office or studio, they are somewhat predictable in their design and are still attached to the house. This is a great problem for those who want a sanctuary away from the rest of the house, possibly to work, relax, and exercise or to perform other tasks which might be distracting to the rest of the house, such as producing music. This is where we come in. At Ecospace we have gone all out to create a stylish sanctuary from the rest of your house that looks the part and will be attractive and secure. We have many different designs depending on your space, needs and budget including the WorkPod which is available for under £10,000. This small workspace can be your ultimate productive area that can be customised to your needs with a shelf and a desk. For those who are looking for bespoke garden rooms that are a little larger and can accommodate many people, we have the Mono-Pitch building. This beautifully designed building comes in increasing sizes from 4m x 4.8m to 7.6m x 3.8m and has a whole host of great options and add-ons. If you are wondering how to heat garden buildings like this sufficiently so they can be used during winter, the under floor heating option will be your best friend. It can make the place seem like the log cabin in the mountains that’s at the bottom of your garden. We can also incorporate desk and alcove shelving into the structure as well as a skylight or slit window. Where this building really comes into its own though is when you add a shower room and a mini kitchen. It can be the home away from home that affords you the privacy you need to work, create and relax. All of our buildings benefit from the fact that we are architects ourselves. We know how to construct buildings so that they are solid and beautiful. We use the latest Modern Methods of Construction to offer you something that is typically available at less than the price of a typical home extension, yet this is confidently unique and can be installed in under 5 days. It also may not require you to get planning permission, although this is something that can be discussed when you contact us. These modular studios are all made from natural materials so they are instantly picture perfect for a garden. They are also cost-effective to run with low-energy heating, lighting and insulation options that will allow you to keep down costs during the structures lifespan of around 60 years. We can also offer variations on the finishes that you can see across our site, on both the outside and the inside. This can allow you to adapt the studio to your specifications and needs.