Bespoke Garden Rooms – Your Questions Answered – 31 / 07

When moving is not an option, but you need more space, building outdoor rooms is one obvious, year-round solution. But whether you’re considering garden offices, a gym or anything else, it’s a big decision and you are bound to have questions. Here we try and answer some of the more common ones. In terms of planning permission, most garden offices don’t need it, especially if they are less than 2.5m high within 2m of the boundaries and 3m high (flat roofed buildings) or 4m high (pitch roofed buildings) with a clearance of 2m away from the boundaries, as long as you comply with some basic rules. You won’t need to prepare the site or dig foundations yourself if you are planning on installing a garden room, so if you thought a lot of hard graft would be involved, think again! And if you were concerned because your particular garden is either sloping or has limited access, that doesn’t rule out building a gym, office or other room in it – just let your contractor know in advance. Wondering how near your studio can be to your neighbours boundary? Usually it’s as close as 0.5m or 1m if your structure is over 15 sqm in floor area. At Ecospace Limited, we’re the original creators of the modern modular garden studio, and have bespoke garden rooms to suit every need, whether you’re after garden offices, gyms, general extensions to your home or anything else. We combine sustainability (natural materials with low-energy heating, lighting and insulation) with expert in-house design and off-site construction skills. Can’t find what you want on our website? Contact us and we’ll design and build it for you.