Choices of outside spaces from Ecospace studios – 25 / 05

At last! An environmentally-sound and aesthetically pleasing solution to increasing your living space has arrived. Ecospace studios are a firm of green architects and craftsman, who are experienced in building outside spaces of all sizes and description. Ecospace studios utilises a range of environmentally safe materials and building methods, including the use of sustainable wood and the very best in insulation and double-glazing to reduce your energy consumption (and, as a happy by-product, reducing your bills too). Whether you are looking for an office at home (therefore further reducing your environmental impact by eliminating the need for a commute), a spare room with a difference, or a play room for kids (or grown-ups!), Ecospace studios will be able to find a solution to meet your needs. Here is a quick preview of some outside space solutions from Ecospace studios: – Garden studios: available in a few different shapes and sizes from the work pod for one person to a double width, two floor outhouse. They come with a plant-covered roof or an extra mezzanine interior floor, or you can even design it yourself! – Retreat lodges: perfect for existing hotels or holiday villages which might need additional accommodation. Similar in style to the garden studios but self-contained with kitchen and bathrooms. – Classrooms: create the perfect environment for learning with natural, bright, and comfortable eco friendly classrooms. Research shows children benefit from studying in an environment filled with natural light, which is one reason Ecospace is so popular with schools needing more space. Ecospace can also make bespoke pavilions for your garden and furniture for your home. Contact us for more information or to ask any questions at