Choosing the Right Architect – 30 / 04

The success of any building project depends to a large extent on the quality of the scheme’s initial design and planning, whether you are building something completely new or changing an existing structure. Finding professional, reputable and competent (not to mention reasonably priced) architects can seem quite a challenge. There are so many firms offering their services for a start, from those specialising in commercial buildings to residential architects, from those who work mainly on period properties to contemporary architects, and their quality of service, and level of technical expertise they offer can vary considerably. One key thing is not to be guided purely by price of your potential architect’s quotation, but look carefully what is included in the quote, and make sure the level of service being provided is enough for what you need. And, as with any other service, try and get recommendations from the architect’s previous clients. Follow up references, and choose an architect with experience in your kind of building and ask how many properties they’ve built. It should be possible to get an initial no obligation consultation. Check the firm’s track record in terms of planning permission approvals. At Ecospace Studios, we’re contemporary architects specialising in sustainable housing, school buildings, garden studios, pavilions and the like. There’s an Ecospace structure to suit anyone and any use! Each project is meticulously designed to suit an individual client’s needs. Find out more by giving us a call or checking out our website today.