Compact Creations – 14 / 10

We promise you that a confined, limited or strangely-shaped space needn’t be a useless one when it comes to the design of garden buildings to suit the space available. Utilising outdoor space efficiently is certainly important for many of us either through necessity or leisure. Garden offices are fast becoming a prominent feature in all sizes of household. This addition to the contemporary garden can provide valuable work space, security, privacy, peace and quiet. Our Workpod range is meticulously designed to make use of the tiniest spaces. Have a chat to one of our affable architects about the requirements of your perfect garden office. Privacy is an ongoing issue in spaces such as terrace house garden spaces. Creating a little sanctuary in your garden is more possible than you might think. our EcoCube range is specifically designed for compact outdoor spaces. It’s impossible to describe the typical EcoCube because there really isn’t one. This truly is an area where our bespoke design team get their kicks! Smoking shelters are increasingly popular, particularly since other-halves and family members may have become completely sick of that ugly, aging canvas gazebo that’s become a permanent resident in the garden. We can create a tailored smoking shelter from our EcoCube range that sits beautifully in your garden. Multi-use is a phrase we love! Devising a multi-use outdoor sanctuary/smoking shelter/leisure area is just the type of challenge our architects live for!