Creating a contemporary garden studio. – 10 / 12

For those who work from home or need an office space in which to focus and concentrate it can often be difficult to find this area inside the house you live in. Day to day lives can be hectic and there are often numerous distractions within the home to detract from the work that needs completing. If you have a garden it may be worth considering garden studios as a place to escape to when you need to be productive. Contemporary garden studios are perfect for eco-aware individuals as they incorporate environmentally features. Eco architects work to use the most ‘green’ materials to build these structures such as sustainable cedar wood. An outdoor studio can be incorporated into your garden without compromising the look and feel of the natural space. The roof can be plant covered for a nature inspired look. The features inside the garden studio are also beneficial for the environment as they use minimal energy for lighting and heating. Insulation is used to its full effect to stop the loss of energy and having this office space so close to home means commuting to this escapist space does not impact upon your carbon footprint. Eco architects will discuss with you what you specifically require in order to create the perfect studio. Fully customisable to the need and nature of your work or environmental concerns, an outdoor studio can include everything from solar panels to water collection systems. A truly unique and tranquil area in which to work. tags – garden studio, contemporary garden studios, eco architects, outdoor studios