Creating a garden office – 23 / 04

Ecospace garden studios make excellent places to work. There are plenty of advantages to working from home. Getting rid of the daily commute is the biggest, both in terms of saved time and stress and of environmental impact. The average commute time in the UK is the longest in Europe. At 45 minutes each way, that’s two huge chunks out of your day that could better be spent in any number of more pleasant ways. It’s also a lot of carbon monoxide and dioxide being pumped into the atmosphere twice a day, five days a week. Working from home makes a huge reduction to your carbon footprint. It also means less distractions, fewer ringing phones, and a better, more efficient working day for you. And of course, far less stress. But it also means your office space is the same as your living space. At 5:01pm, it can be quite difficult to put down that report you’ve been looking at and shut off the ‘work brain’ for the evening. As long as the computer is right there, you’ll be thinking about work. The ideal solution is to move the office space out of the house and into garden studios. Not only are garden studios pleasant, low stress places to work, having one means you can draw a firm line between the home and the office. That way you get the best of both worlds – and a ten second walk through the garden instead of 45 minutes of rush hour traffic.