Creating a space that is environmentally friendly – 25 / 06

At Ecospace Studios, as our name suggests, we like to wear our green credentials on our sleeves, and not only do our construction values reflect an acute environmental awareness, but environmental concerns are built into the very fabric of our garden rooms and studios. Materials On the one hand this means that we use mainly sustainable woods for our garden rooms, from renewable certified sources, which is the most direct way that we can respond to environmental concerns – whilst also guaranteeing the best in terms of quality of material. Also we incorporate the highest quality insulation and Scandinavian double glazing, which not means that your garden room goes on being green – even after its build! Construction Linked to this, our construction values are also imbued with a love for efficiency, which in turn helps us to limit any environmental impacts. For example, we avoid the use of wet trades (i.e trades which use building materials mixed with water) which ensured that our garden rooms can be built as quickly as possible, requiring little decoration. Power Consumption At Ecospace studios we don’t just have superficial concern for environment however, and our environmental awareness goes even deeper than just using sustainable materials for sustainable housing. For example, when it comes to installing heating lighting and electricity, we want to deliver a solution that corresponds to the ethics of the rest of our operations, i.e. by incorporating low energy power saving lighting.