Creating an Eco Friendly Classroom – 25 / 12

Many schools, whilst educating students on the effects and impact of global warming, are attempting to become more environmentally friendly establishments. With the population ever expanding the demands on the environment and infrastructure are growing. This often necessitates schools building extra classroom space to accommodate the additional intake of children. Building an eco-friendly classroom does not have to be such a challenge, however, with so many contemporary architects offering new and innovative ideas and designs. Garden rooms are perfect when creating a new classroom space as they provide an exciting and engaging area for the pupils to learn in. The rooms themselves provide a sustainable area made from natural and eco-friendly products and materials. These outdoor rooms are lighter and interesting to help focus the children on the topics they cover. The rooms themselves can help teach them about the environment and how to be more eco-friendly. Garden rooms are also more aesthetically pleasing than a standard classroom mobile and can be used as a permanent feature in classroom timetabling. Contemporary architects offer new ways to incorporate energy saving ideas into this type of classrooms such as solar panels and water saving systems. All of these building structures are customisable depending on the specific requirements of the school. The structures are perfect for use in all seasons with the option for large glass windows and doors to enable the feeling of being taught outdoors. Some studies have even reported that teaching in a more interesting environment can help child learning dramatically.