Creating an Eco-Friendly Holiday Park – 30 / 07

More Brits are choosing to stay in the UK for their holidays and holiday parks are the ones reaping all the rewards. The caravan and camping industry has seen a 14% increase in the number of advanced bookings compared to 2012 and the industry is said to contribute around £6 million to the UK economy. Festival-going and the rise of ‘glamping’ (a portmanteau of ‘glamorous’ and ‘camping’) have made camping more popular, while the recession combined with an increase in flight prices, has meant that more people are choosing to visit holiday parks in locations relatively close to where they live so that they can hop off at a moment’s notice.

Those who visit holiday parks and caravan sites say that they are a good way to make and meet up with friends, as well as being fun and economical without needing to pay for expensive hotels and flights abroad. As the industry enjoys new popularity, it is important that it provides quality facilities and is managed by the right kind of people, with more young people being encouraged to study tourism park management.

A spokesman on behalf of the National Caravan Council (NCC) said: “The caravan and camping sector has seen a rise in the number of people holidaying in the UK and is creating opportunities to allow its employers to capitalise on growth.

“Staycations, popularised by cash-strapped Brits holidaying at home, have driven growth, as well as the growing ‘glamping’ trend.”

If you’ve found the perfect location for starting a holiday park then you’ll want to start as you mean to go on and install quality facilities. Our garden buildings are also available as modular holiday homes, which are a great choice for holiday parks because they are designed with the environment in mind. We have chosen our materials carefully so that they blend into the natural surroundings and are sustainable, as well as offering eco-friendly benefits such as efficient heat retention through underfloor heating, as well as low-energy lights, power and data points.

Our holiday home design doesn’t compromise on appearance either. Our lodges are designed to your specifications and can include quality facilities such as bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens and dining and recreation areas. By using our online configurator, you’ll be able to create the lodges exactly as you want them (including different size options and services) and see the prices upfront before you commit to buy.

As well as saving on energy costs through our well-designed heating and lighting systems, plus superior insulation, you’ll also save money on maintenance and decoration and this can be a real selling point to your customers too. You won’t need to decorate inside or outside, meaning that the building is ready to use straight after installation. Most buildings don’t require traditional foundations (although some larger buildings may do), but are instead stood on adjustable steel shoes, which in turn stand on pre-cast concrete pads on a compacted sub base. This leaves you with an extremely stable structure which doesn’t cost you extra in landscaping either.