Creating Efficient Office Spaces in Garden Buildings – 21 / 03

There is a world of difference between working in an efficient and well laid-out office and working in a cramped, disorganised space. The former will help you be productive and keep your stress levels down while the latter will only hinder your efforts and create another source of frustration. Garden buildings make excellent offices for two reasons. First, they remove sources of distraction. It’s quiet inside. There are no kids causing havoc like there might be in the house and there are no co-workers chattering by the water cooler. It’s just you and a view of your own garden. Second, bespoke garden offices can be built and arranged for maximum working efficiency. Your desk can be placed to enjoy natural light during the day and the space can be set up so that there is a perfect place for all the necessary equipment. With everything in its rightful place, clutter is kept to a minimum and you will be able to find whatever you want whenever you need it. When setting up outdoor studios as office spaces allow plenty of room around the computer and printer and pay attention to where power cables run. The cables for fixed equipment can be taped in place to stop them getting tangled, and no cord should run across the floor and become a trip hazard. It can be very tempting to cluster the computer, writing desk, and filing cabinets in a single corner but in many ways it is better to spread them out. Getting up from your seat every hour or so is good for occupational health and making full use of all the available space gives garden buildings a more open, relaxed feel.