Durability in Sustainable Housing – 14 / 03

Sustainable housing must meet a variety of criteria related to the materials used in construction and also the ongoing energy costs related to the use of the building over time. All our designs excel in both areas. We consider all raw materials carefully, from insulation to cladding, window glass to flooring, and we’ve got some great ideas for generating your own green energy as well as keeping energy consumption low. When evaluating the eco credentials of any sustainable housing, first check the construction materials. Everyone knows that any woods used should be plantation grown but all the cheapest options on the market almost always are, so rarely will that be a problem. However, cheap pine will not last nearly as long as a higher quality wood, like cedar. If a plank has to be replaced every 10 years, then it is a much less ecologically friendly option than one that lasts 50. Durability is important in wood, glass, roofing materials, and anything else that goes into garden rooms (or other buildings for that matter). A plastic bag that lasts for one use is bad news from a green perspective. Using tougher bags that can be reused dozens of times reduces the environmental impact of your shopping and in exactly the same way; building with durable materials reduces the impact of building and then maintaining outdoor rooms. Building strong, durable garden rooms is better for the environment and of course, better for the customer. We are proud to use quality materials that last and last.