Easy Eco-Enhancements – 18 / 10

Now that you’ve decided to install one of our great garden buildings, perhaps you’re inspired to bring a little extra eco-living into your main home. We’ve gathered together a few expert tips to help make your main living space a little more eco-oriented. Whilst our garden buildings, holiday homes and eco classrooms all come with easy options to incorporate sustainable living, we’d hate for you to feel like you can’t do anything in your current home too! 1. Replace all light bulbs with energy efficient alternatives – they may cost a little more but they’re often more durable and brighter than traditional ones, and a full house will go far to achieving an economical electricity bill. 2. Heating your water supply is a mammoth task, but by replacing your regular boiler with one powered by solar power or biomass, your electricity bills will, again, come in lower. Similarly, replacing showerheads and taps with low-flow alternatives will reduce water consumption without compromising on quality of life. 3. Reuse and Recycle – This is one of our greatest recommendations. Composting is a fantastically effective way to dispose of biological rubbish, and provides you with a reliable, free source of nutrients to keep your garden healthy and vitalised. 4. Look for the EU Energy label when considering your new fridge/freezer. These appliances will be on 100% of the time so they must be efficient in terms of power consumption. On that note – veto the standby button on all unnecessary devices, as it’s a huge drain of completely wasted energy. 5. Updating your insulation could save a nice bundle on heating bills too!