Eco-Explanation – 28 / 10

Eco-friendly” is a phrase bounced around a lot these days – eco friendly garden buildings, eco-friendly clothes, eco-friendly holidays – the list is endless! But what does it actually mean in terms of our work as sustainable architects here at Ecospace? Materials First off, when building all of our garden buildings (from sustainable housing through to garden gyms) we do our absolute best to use ethically-sourced, sustainable wood from renewable, certified sources. This means we only use suppliers that replant as much as they harvest at a rate conducive to maintaining forest levels above a certain amount. Basically we’re doing everything we can to make sure the planet doesn’t run out of wood! Production When we arrive to build your bespoke or modular structure, everything will be presented in fantastically organised packing. This is partly because we’re fanatical about organisation and partly because experience has taught us to prepare as much as possible off-site. Off-site production is a great way to thoroughly measure up, cut and carry out quality control in a dedicated space. Eliminating excess waste is another upside to off-site production. Energy The integration of renewable energy facilities is something most people would love to follow through with, but sadly it’s not always possible. We’ve designed all of our outdoor rooms to enable the incorporation of wonderful renewable energy devices like photovoltaic solar panels, ground and air source heating pumps, wind turbines, biomass boilers and log burning stoves. Energy efficiency and the protection of the environment are paramount to our mission as architects.