Eco Home Extensions – 11 / 11

Let’s face it; conservatories are losing their appeal in today’s eco-conscious age. Difficult and expensive to heat, and not always pretty looking, they are fast becoming replaced by a new kind of home extension: the eco cube. More than just an addition to your home, they function as an actual garden room that becomes part of your home rather than just another extension tacked on. So why go for an eco garden studio instead of a traditional extension? They’ll lower your carbon footprint a great deal, since they don’t require any interior ‘wet goods’ such as paint and plaster: and let’s face it, bare wood and natural materials aren’t just more beautiful, they’re more modern and fashionable. It also creates a sense of warmth and cosiness in the space. You may think that this kind of modular building doesn’t come cheap, but that’s where you may be surprised. If you have a simple design that mimics the simple shape of a conservatory – i.e. four rooms and lots of light and room for furniture, then that’s half the battle. Most contemporary architects don’t specialise in this kind of building though, so you’ll need to find an expert in this field, not just for the design and layout of your new eco cube, but for other admin such as planning permission and wiring up power and heat. If you can’t quite decide on a design or layout, you can use some of our specially created bespoke existing designs. Whatever your choice, we can help make your new room a reality.