Ecospace: A Space to Suit You – 24 / 01

At Ecospace, not only are we committed to offering green sustainable housing, but we are also committed to offering versatile sustainable housing. In fact, versatility is inherent in all of our garden rooms, which makes them absolutely ideal for all sorts of applications. Sustainable Classrooms Whilst many of us are blase about impinging environment concerns, when viewed in relation to our sons and daughters the importance of taking care of the environment gathers focus. What better way, then, to teach the importance of green concerns, than with sustainable classroom designs. Garden Studios As well as being great places for learning, our sustainable houses are also great places for working too, and the ideal buildings for use as garden office buildings or studios. The advantages of working in a garden studio are many, from privacy to spatial management. Holiday Home Design The best green solutions are those that do not compromise on quality and practicality in order to meet their green ideals. At Ecospace we really understand this, which is why our buildings are built to be livable spaces. So much so, that they are great for use as holiday homes, and are built with such care, that every time to step inside them you’ll feel like you are going on holiday! This is just the tip of the ice-berg as to what our great sustainable housing can achieve, and at Ecospace whilst we are eager to advise you about the best ways to use our buildings, we think that it is important that the final decisions are left to you – which is why we try and accommodate the specific ideas of our clients.