Ecospace – for work and play – 10 / 06

At Ecospace our garden rooms are highly versatile – which means that not only do they make great functional spaces (ideal for an office or studio, for example) but they are also great for creating that perfect ‘play’ space. So, how could you turn that garden room into a perfect ‘home from home?’ At Ecospace we are committed not only to offering you the finest garden rooms and studios, but also offering you a level of control when it comes to the design of the construction. This means that however you decide to use your building, it can be tailored accordingly. For example, many houses are limited to a certain number of ‘traditionally’ laid out rooms; i.e. your downstairs space may be dominated by a large kitchen, which means there are fewer rooms on your bottom floor than there otherwise might be. In this instance garden rooms from Ecospace could really revolutionize your downstairs space; by installing a whole new room without having to overhaul the architecture of your home. This means that our garden studios could give you that ‘missing’ downstairs room that you’ve always wanted. For example, perhaps you’ve always wanted a games room, complete with pool table, in which case our garden rooms would afford you the ideal space – and could be constructed away from your home, ideal for those rambunctious parties! Of course that’s is just the tip of the iceberg, and by tailoring your Ecospace garden buildings to your specific needs, you can create practically any ‘play’ space – from recording studios to cinemas!