Ecospace – Functional Rooms – 20 / 08

Often great design can come at the expense of a level of functionality, yet there needn’t be a dichotomy here. Often great design is the bed-fellow of practicality; creating environments that are conducive to both productivity and creativity. With this in mine, our garden rooms are not only aesthetically striking – which will greatly elevate any space where they can be found – but they are also highly functional rooms that can be tailored to suit a variety of particular requirements. For example, perhaps you want a room with the functionality of a living space, but external to your main property. In this case our bespoke garden rooms are absolutely ideal, and come fitted with the fundamentals that you’d expect for a living space – including low energy heating power sockets. Inherent to our garden rooms is versatility, and therefore it is entirely possible to adapt our structures to a myriad of functions beyond just living spaces. For example, our structures are ideal as a garden gym – providing a space external to your property which is ideal for hosting excersise machines. Alternatively, you might require a “self contained” module, in which case our garden rooms are perfectly suited and make great eco-friendly holiday lodges – complete with all the modern conveniences that you’d expect, such as heating etc. As green architects, design will always be at the forefront of our operations. However, we also recognize the importance of functionality, and that is why our building are engineered to perform for a wide range applications.