Ecospace: Solving the problem of heating, lighting and electric – 21 / 06

Traditional garden constructions certainly have their uses, and are great for storage or workshops. However, whether is a shed or summer house, they all suffer from a common disadvantage. They all require a heating, lighting and electric infrastructure, and whilst this can mean simply hooking them up to the mains, this in itself is a difficult and precarious task, and could incur some considerable cost; both immediately and down the line in terms of energy consumption. By choosing Ecospace on the other hand, these traditional problems are immediately sidestepped, and with our modern design standards, comes a distinctly modern solution to heating lighting and electric – which not only affords you with a clear practical advantage, but the benefits of which also will also be felt long into the future. Heating Heating is crucial to the garden rooms and traditionally the methods of heating a shed were as diverse as using storage heaters or even camping stoves; however, these methods are as outdated as they are unreliable, and instead at Ecospace our garden rooms utilize underfloor heating, which is not only highly efficient but unobtrusive. Lighting With regards to lighting, and in keeping with our green credentials, we use low energy lights, which means that not only are gaining a lot in terms of function over other kinds of garden rooms, but it is not at a cost to the environment. Electrics Finally, at Ecospace we take care of the lighting for you, which means that our garden studios come complete with power points – essential if you want to, for example, run an office.