Ecospace, The Choice For Holiday Homes In France And Italy – 29 / 06

The Ecospace concept came off the drawing board in 2002, and since then, has helped people all over the UK realise their dreams of sustainable housing, with a variety of Ecospace building projects. Alongside work, educational, and leisure spaces, we have also designed modular holiday homes for hotel and holiday park sites. To build on this success, and further extend the market for this side of our business, we were happy to announce in the first part of this year, the launch of Ecospace Europe. We are now working with partner organisations in France and Italy on holiday home design, supply, and construction. In France, our partners are situated close to Paris, while in Italy there is a partner organisation close to Rome. Our French partners have a background in construction engineering and landscaping, while Ecospace Italia, has a team of architects known for their passion when it comes to sustainable housing. The one main difference between Ecospace UK, and Ecospace in Europe, is that we have been working on ecospace modules specific to the country/region we are building in. Call it adding a European flavour to our designs. Apart from that, we are all sharing the same ethos for sustainable housing, and continue to source environmentally sound building materials and equipment. If you’re looking to build a holiday home in France or Italy, please take a look at the Ecospace France, and Ecospace Italy websites. Ecospace has well and truly hit Europe, and we hope you will join us!