Ecospace – Where Environmental Concerns and Design Mix – 24 / 08

Modern materials and production methods have really transformed all aspects of design, and like never before it has afforded lots of design led industries the oppourtunity to really optimize their operations. In particular – and most presciently – design has really begun to open itself up to environmental concerns and to adapt its industry accordingly. At Ecospace we recognise how environmentally freindly operations have really transformed what is possible with design, and therefore rather than just making “eco-ness” a gimmick, we have streamlined our business to incorporate sustainability and green efficiency at every level. For example, we offer sustainable house designs that incorporate mostly sustainable wood from sustainable forests. This means that not only are you guaranteed of materials that are sourced from high quality plantations, but also from plantations that are not exploiting the environment. Additionally, once your sustainable house designs are complete your garden rooms will keep performing in terms of its positive environmental impact, i.e. by utilising low energy heating and top grade insulation, your garden rooms are set to meet the environmental challenges of the future. At Ecospace we are so proud of our green credentials that as well making them inherent to our garden rooms, we also design with a green aesthetic in mind. Our buildings exude their eco-friendliness with their minimalist style and high quality wooden exteriors. So, why not get the best of both the design and green worlds and choose Ecospace for your garden rooms?