Enjoy your garden office all year round – 31 / 01

The prospect of working from your back garden may seem fabulous during the summer months when the sun is streaking into your home and you’re looking out at the green and peaceful space outside.

However, in the depths of winter when the colour has been bled from the trees and hedges and an icy wind is whipping around your property, you might be glad to be in the comfort of your house. After all, if your only experience of small garden buildings so far has been old, drafty and damp sheds, you’ve every reason to be apprehensive.

A different class

However, you can forget old-fashioned and poorly built sheds. These days, it’s possible to source superb quality garden buildings that make the perfect office throughout the year, even during the coldest months.

Here at Ecospace we put customer comfort at the heart of our designs and once you’ve sampled the luxury of our studios, your chilly experiences in sheds will be nothing but a distant memory.

The best of modern technology

It’s no wonder that the popularity of garden office buildings is rising. New technology and building techniques have led to huge advances in the types of construction available.

For example, we offer a super-efficient low energy under floor heating system and optional air source heating to help ensure you stay warm and snug when you’re in your garden retreat. These are installed ready for use, along with low-energy lights and power points.

Saving you cash

Energy bills are a contentious issue at present and like a lot of people, you may have seen major increases in your bills over recent years. Meanwhile, these price rises show no sign of stopping or reversing, so you might be evermore conscious about your use of energy.

Splashing out on inefficient outhouses may therefore be a big no no. Thankfully, our contemporary garden offices feature high performance insulation and Scandinavian double glazing, meaning you needn’t worry about wasting energy in them.

Perfect for you

When you spend your hard-earned cash on offices for your garden, you’ll no doubt want to ensure you end up with a solution that perfectly meets your needs.

Our team is well aware of this fact and we can provide buildings to suit anyone. Because we are architects, we are able to meticulously design our studios to work around you, with flexible options that you can tailor. Even if you don’t quite find what you’re looking for on our website, you can give us a call with details of what you want and we’ll design it for you.

Enjoying your garden throughout the year

By investing in buildings like this, you can ensure that you have a quiet, peaceful and comfortable place to work that’s well away from the noise and distractions of your main home. Meanwhile, these buildings also allow you to appreciate your garden from a whole new perspective.

You can enjoy the passing of each season, admiring the leaves as they fall in the autumn, the flowers as they bloom in spring and everything in between – and all this from the comfort of a well appointed, compact working space.