Features to consider for sustainable housing – 05 / 12

With the impact of global warming and the greenhouse effect being constantly documented by the media it is clear to see why so many people are choosing to build their own environmentally friendly homes. By creating your own ‘green’ home you have maximum control and input over the systems and features you use. Using green architects for sustainable house designs is a fantastic way to put your ideas forward and make your dream eco home happen. Working with an architect practiced in eco friendly home designs ensures the reality of your eco home meets the requirements set by the government for contemporary housing standards and meets all aspects of the code for greener and more sustainable homes. There are so many things to think about when working on sustainable building design. A passive solar system is one of the main considerations when building a house of this design. This type of system maximises the benefits you can achieve from natural light. These houses are usually designed with sides made from glass panelling and have huge windows to reduce the necessity for additional lighting. Ventilation systems may be something to discuss with your green architects to provide an eco friendly way of ensuring a moderate temperature all year round. Rain water collection and recycling systems are also both great features to think about that are positive for sustainable housing. Maximum insulation is a major concern for ‘green’ houses and an experienced architect can develop ideas with you to ensure your home meets all your requirements.