Filling an Ecospace: some ideas – 29 / 06

At Ecospace we have a clear philosophy: create architectural solutions that not only respond sensitively to the site and the environment, but also to our client’s requirements. This means that in-built to all our endeavours is an openness to the creativity and the specific demands of our client, which is the only that we can guarantee to give you the garden studios that you really want! With this in mind, how you use an Ecospace is entirely up to you, and essentially the only thing that limits what is possible is your (and our) imagination! For example, you might want to construct a space that has traditional garden room functionality, i.e. offices or functional garden studios, in which case an Ecospace building can offer you distinct advantages when doing this; i.e. they can be constructed in a fraction of the time of a ‘traditional’ extension. Or perhaps you want your building to be a little more creative, and to form a natural centerpiece to the overall design aesthetic of your home; in which case you can draw on our experience as professional architects to create a living space that is both original and highly functional – ideal if you want to create an inspirational space, for an artist studio for example. The reason that Ecospace buildings are so versatile is, in part, due to the unique construction methods of our garden studios and rooms, and, for example, by not relying on wet trades, we are never beholden to any methods of construction, and instead your and our ideas can quickly and easily be instigated.