Garages And Alternative Garden Furniture – 09 / 04

At Ecospace it is our aim to offer you a diverse range of buildings, from an array of attractive, modern and unique outdoor shelters to new style garages. This diversity is largely a result of the creative imagination of our architects as well as the modern materials on offer. It is high time that garden buildings started to look as aesthetically beautiful as they are practical, and we feel our solutions are the most attractive. Take the AutoSpace, it has a thoroughly contemporary look that elegantly combines stylishness with all of the finesse and expression of a car showroom. One of the greatest storage tragedies is to keep a classic car hidden away from the world in a dirty concrete garage. Our AutoSpace makes use of best modern technologies to not only allow a private window on your prized possession but also keep the vehicle in fantastic condition. With floor to ceiling glazing and ambient lighting, your classic car will finally be in the sort of garage it deserves. You can also add modular storage systems to further improve the functionality of the space.

As far as the building materials go, our use of natural building materials adds to the aesthetic appeal, particularly considering that many classic cars are masterpieces of a time when everything was less plastic. Whether you are wanting to show off a classic car or a sports car, the look of our garage will still complement perfectly, particularly since the structure makes use of high performance insulation to ensure that even if its freezing outside, your car will be protected inside.

As contemporary architects we also extend our operation beyond stylish garages to other garden structures. Furniture is another speciality of ours that can add a designer element to your garden. This is where some creativity can truly enter the process, since we can offer both bespoke and modular options so you can always find something to suit your particular garden’s requirements. With 3D AutoCAD drawings available before its even built, you can further imagine how the structure will fit in. Each of our pieces of furniture are made from birch plywood and will match the interior walls of your other Ecospace.

Making best use of the available space in a garden is a constant challenge to homeowners and architects alike, particularly when there is a requirement for a usable structure. Our answer is the Pavilion. Our Ecocube is designed to meet your requirements for an outdoor structure largely for use during the summer months. They are purposely designed to maximise the impression of space since not all of the walls are solid. Being able to see through the structure can make it seem less imposing while also encouraging the perception of a larger area. Given that they have a modular design they can be combined with each other to form a meaningful garden space that has some size and scope to it as well. The Ecocube is made from sustainable woods and can be purpose built to fit in your garden.