Garden Buildings: Do You Need Planning Permission? – 05 / 09

One thing that people who are installing garden buildings always want to know is whether they need planning permission. New rules which became effective in October 2008 say garden buildings only need planning permission in some cases. These include where outbuildings are forward of the main elevation fronting a highway, or where garden buildings have more than one storey with eaves higher than 2.5 metres and a maximum total height of four metres. If the building is within two metres of any boundary, the highest it can be without planning permission is 2.5m. Other conditions include no verandas, having no more than half the land around the ‘original’ house covered by other buildings. And different rules also apply to Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the Norfolk Broads and World Heritage Sites, as well as National Parks. You can learn more from your local authority. At Ecospace Studios, we’re leading providers of innovative, modular and bespoke sustainable garden buildings, whether you’re looking for studios, housing or classrooms. Our approach, developed nearly a decade ago as a response to the environmental, economic and space issues we face, is to create high quality sustainable buildings for a fixed cost with a short delivery period by combining design and off-site construction in–house. Our aim was to provide a flexible, modular building which could easily be tailored, reconfigured or extended and applied to a wide range of uses and building types. Learn more about our bespoke garden offices and the like from our website today.