Garden buildings/garden gym/outdoor studios – 30 / 05

Eco friendly outdoor studios

There’s come a point when people find themselves wishing they had a bit of extra space at home. They might hanker after a dedicated office, gym or studio. The only problem? Where to put it. There’s no more room in the house and an extension would ruin the whole vibe and feel of the property. So what’s the solution?

Anyone lucky enough to have a sizeable garden has the option to utilise some under used outdoor space. Down at the bottom of the garden they could commission outdoor studios which they could use for a whole range of different activities. It opens up a world of possibilities.

More and more people are performing part of their job from home. Some staff are even full time home workers. Portable technology and wireless Internet access free people from the constraints of the office. They really can work from anywhere. The home can be a distracting place to work. There’s the constant temptation of the fridge and the TV. It can be noisy and distracting, plus it’s nice to separate work from home.

An office at the bottom of the garden is perfect. It feels much more like going to work. It’s a great little retreat where people can really get their heads down and concentrate without being distracted and interrupted. Then at the end of the day they can shut the door and come “home” again.

A studio in the garden is great for hobbyists too. It’s the perfect space in which to indulge their creative side. Drawing, painting, sculpting and writing are incredibly satisfying and relaxing. It’s hard for people to do their best work when they’re constantly being interrupted and distracted. A separate space away from the main home is a quiet and inspired retreat where people can really indulge their favourite hobby or pastime. It’s a little oasis of quiet and calm where they can work uninterrupted on their latest project.

Garden buildings open up a world of possibilities. Fitness enthusiasts might hanker after a garden gym. The right architects can make this dream a reality. A beautiful property and garden setting deserves stylish and sympathetic buildings to match. Specialist architects can draw up contemporary and eco friendly designs to create a truly stunning solution. One that gives people the outdoor buildings that they need and adds to the aesthetics of the plot.

Once finished these buildings really help to improve day to day living and add value to a property. They always become a talking point. Friends, family and neighbours will want to know how they can do the same thing. It’s a wonderfully neat solution for anyone looking to create additional space and add new features and functions to their property.

Some sort of glorified shed just won’t cut it. Discerning customers need outdoor buildings that chime with the design of their home and garden. They’re looking for something special and out of the ordinary. Clean, crisp and contemporary design that’s environmentally friendly both in terms of construction and ongoing maintenance.