Garden Offices: Planning Permission Basics – 10 / 04

Modern technology, the increase in broadband and wireless networks, and flexible working hours, mean it’s never been easier to work from home. Given that it isn’t always easy to use a room in your house as an office, garden offices are a great option, and keep your working and home lives separate. You won’t have to move to a larger property, and most garden offices don’t require planning permission as long as the construction doesn’t take up more than half the garden space, with heights no greater than 4m for a ridged roof and 3m for a flat roof. Garden office buildings should not be placed between the house and the road. Equally, these structures should be situated 20m away from the road. If you don’t meet these guidelines, you will need to apply for special planning permission. For garden office buildings in conservation areas, volume should be 10m³ or less, or you will need special planning permission. It’s the same for structures in Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and National Parks or in gardens attached to listed buildings. At Ecospace, we specialise in bespoke garden offices, and created the original contemporary modular garden studio. We’re confident we have the garden office to suit you, whatever your needs. We can help with planning permission and other considerations, such as lighting, security and insulation. View our website today to see how we can create a high quality, sustainable building for a fixed price and in a short time by offering off-site construction and in-house design expertise.