Garden Offices Versus Building An Extension – 10 / 05

You may well wonder what the advantages are of buying garden officess rather than building an extension onto your home. After, all, why have an outbuilding for an office or studio when you can work right inside your warm, cosy home? There are, in fact, many advantages to choosing outdoor shelters over building a new room onto your house. Here are just a few to keep in mind. One of the greatest advantages to buying garden offices instead of building an extension is that they are often exempt from planning permission. This means that all you have to do is buy and have it installed. No fussy paperwork, and no laws and regulations to worry about. Another advantage of outdoor shelters is that ours are eco friendly. We are very eco conscious and have done all we can with our products to make sure they are mother-nature-approved. Our insulated garden buildings are made only from sustainable wood, and all come with complete low energy options for heating, lighting, and insulation. As if these weren’t enough good reasons to try our studios instead of building on, you will also find that the process of installing one is a lot faster. You will normally receive your building within eight to twelve weeks, and it will take only five days to install. Compare that with months of planning and building for a home extension. For more information about our studios, browse our portfolio, or ring us to make an enquiry or place an order on: 020 7703 4004.