Garden studio options – 07 / 04

There are a number of basic parameters to consider when planning a garden studio or any kind of outbuilding. First of all, how much space you have will dictate how elaborate the new addition can be. Our garden buildings range from very simple small structures with flat roofs to complex fully featured buildings. There are a huge variety of designs available and our templates are flexible. We can adjust them to suit your needs. Both available ground area and the maximum appropriate height are concerns. The size of garden studios and the desired height are also the primary determinants on whether or not you’ll need planning permission and how easy that will be to get. Budget has to come into it too, of course. Our modular construction style means we can offer competitively priced garden studios, and we’re happy to discuss costs and quotes before you start planning. One of the finest features we offer are planted sedum roofs, but you can choose less ‘out-there’ roofing options if you prefer. However, planted roofing is worth considering for outdoor rooms. It is a good insulator and extremely environmentally friendly. We also think it’s very attractive and helps integrate the building into the greater garden scene. Purpose will determine much of the internal structure of the garden studio. Decide in advance whether you need phone lines and internet access so we can account for those in the design. You should also think about heating and electrical power. We can add highly efficient underfloor heating at the construction phase, or a wood burning stove, for example.