Garden Studios and Building Regulations – 06 / 06

While planning permission allows you to go ahead with a particular development, building regulations approval ensures that work is completed in a way which is both structurally sound and complies with relevant building regulations. Garden studios and similar outdoor structures with a floor area of less than 30sqm do not generally need to comply with building rooms, although they may do if they are to be used to live in, or are located so close to a house that they are viewed as extensions. Moveable dwellings like mobile homes are also exempt from these regulations, although they also need a different approach when it comes to planning permission. To limit the risk of fire, outdoor studios and the like any structure made of combustible materials and with an internal floor area of over 15sqm must be at least 1000mm from any third party boundary. You should seek building regulations approval for garden office buildings and other structures with a floor area of over 30sqm, separately to planning permission. There are 14 parts to the regulations in all, not all of them necessarily relevant to all outdoor studios, covering issues ranging from structural stability to materials, site preparation, workmanship and moisture exclusion. At Ecospace Studios, we help customers with a garden studios and a range of other outdoor buildings, creating superb quality and sustainable structures at a fixed cost within tight timeframes by bringing together off-site construction and design in-house. Our architectural solutions respond to their environment and our clients’ requirements with sensitivity. There’s more online.