Get out there with green garden rooms – 15 / 10

It can be hard to make the most of the garden in Britain, with the great British weather being changeable at best, and often doing exactly what you least expected. For those of us who have invested a great deal of time and money in order to enjoy a home blessed with a large garden, it can be frustrating when the weather stops us from enjoying it as much as we were certain that we would. The solution? Using the principles of sustainable housing to build attractive, practical garden rooms. We can’t change the weather, but we can help you make space in the garden which you can enjoy whatever the weather; our bespoke, green garden shelters can maximise light using all the latest glass and perspex roofing techniques, meaning you’ll enjoy the sun even in the rain. Unlike your average garden shed, they’re built to last, and blend beautifully into your garden. What could you do with a little more space? Have you or the family ever wanted another playroom, a studio, or an elegant, clean space in which to entertain? How about giving the family musician a room all to themselves to practise, or sending the teenagers out to their den with a pizza and a DVD, satisfied that they’re safe and you’re in for a good night’s sleep? Or a garden gym that’s just for grown-ups? Whatever you need, EcoSpace can help you bring it to life and open up your garden all year ’round.