Get to work with garden offices – 01 / 10

For many city workers used to morning traffic jams and crawling commutes, the frustration of wasting time and money getting to work is compounded by the pressure to wake up earlier and earlier to arrive on time, and the new London congestion charges. Many who enter self-employment once established in an industry enjoy the freedom of working from home, and find that they are far more efficient when they can work during those hours they once wasted on the motorway, the subway, or the bus. However, others find that trying to work in the house amongst the debris of family life is a distraction in itself. If you’re a small business owner, self employed or work from home, and frustrated with the inefficiency of working in the house, the distractions it offers, or with having no distinct line between home and the office, then it’s time to look into moving your business into a garden office. If saving the planet is your priority, an architect who works on the principles of sustainable housing can help you live green in your new garden office, maximising efficiency and light while helping the new building blend into its surroundings. We not only help you compartmentalise your working and home lives, and save you space in the house, but we can also offer bespoke garden offices to suit you however you like to work. Our contemporary garden offices look great “in situ”, and their eco-credentials mean you save money while saving the planet.