Go Green in a Garden Office – 25 / 11

If you have a home business or are just short of space in your main home without a study or office, then a garden office could be for you. Garden shelters have a bad reputation of being only useable in summer or in dry weather, but if properly designed and constructed, there’s no need to give up any creature comforts at all. Even if it’s pouring with rain outside, you can be snugly mowing through your paperwork or writing your emails in an office to rival any designer office building. As any architect who specialises in sustainable building design will tell you, having a garden office is much more than just having an extension built in the garden. It also contributes towards reducing your carbon footprint – made only from natural, replenishable materials, and not using anything heavy on carbon in order to build, maintain and happily use it as a home office. Knowing that you’re being green as you work is another load off your conscience when applying to have another building constructed near the home. You don’t have to use the garden office just for working in, though. If you want your own space to relax, read, have a nap or play with the kids, then the office can have multiple uses – or even (if big enough), you could have it as a spare hub for unexpected guests to stay in and have their own privacy away from the home – a bit like an extra wing but without the associated cost!