Go Green When You Build Your Home – 07 / 01

Did you know that there are choices out there for building eco friendly homes that are also affordable? You can even have homes built form sustainable wood that use low energy for heating and lights.

Here at Ecospace, we are green architects that specialize in eco garden studios and sustainable housing. If you’re thinking of building a new home and you are worried about the impact on the environment, look no further. We can build you a home that’s guilt free!

We can be architectural consultants for you if you just need advice and tips, or we can do everything for you from designing and building your eco friendly home.

One of the ways that we are eco friendly is in the materials that we use to build with. We are very proud of our commitment to using sustainable wood from renewable, certified sources. You can read more about our environmental credentials on the main web site.

For years we have worked with those who want more eco friendly homes or residential complexes throughout the UK. We have experience working with private clients and commercial developers, and we have even negotiated planning permission in sensitive areas.

To get an idea of the kinds of buildings we do, why not visit the home page and browse our portfolio. You can see various garden modules and outdoor rooms as well as examples of the eco friendly houses we have built.

To get in touch with us, just click the Contact Us tab where you can find all of our contact information.