Green buildings for green living – 10 / 10

The concept of eco-homes, or to give them their more formal name, sustainable housing, is one which has skyrocketed in popularity over the last few years. From relative obscurity the idea has blossomed into one whose moment has come, featuring in dedicated TV programs and becoming the subject of books and articles. However, while the media likes to play on the far-fetched, space-age possibilities of sustainable building design, the fact is that eco homes are a very real possibility today. For those without the funds to tear down their existing home in order to build energy efficiency into its bare bones, there is a good compromise. Additional garden buildings built by dedicated professional eco architects are an increasingly popular option for those wishing to make a little space at home. Whether you and your family could use another family room, a garden studio, a bright, safe children’s’ playroom or a contemporary, stunning feature in which to entertain, we can work with your needs to make it everything you imagined. Get away from the kids while you’re working in a garden office, or give teenagers a den in which to hang out with their friends, where they can enjoy their privacy while you enjoy a little peace and quiet! The new spaces are built on natural principles, maximising light while minimising intrusion for a sleek and gracefully appropriate aesthetic, and can be almost entirely energy efficient. Our Ecospace pod buildings are designed to be an elegant investment in the future, and in your children’s futures.