Green energy options for garden studios – 13 / 04

There are a range of environmentally sound choices for heating and powering garden rooms and studios. Our team has the experience and know-how to help you decide which best suits your requirements and addresses your environmental concerns. To reduce the need for heating, all Ecospace garden rooms are very well insulated. The walls are much thicker than the ones usually found in outbuildings of any kind and the windows double glazed with high quality materials for the best possible heat retention. Our distinctive planted roofing is optional, but it and the other choices we offer have outstanding insulating properties. Even the floors are given consideration. Actually, the floors of our garden studios are quite important. Underfloor heating is one of our favourite methods because it’s so efficient. Very little warmth goes to waste, so much less needs to be generated. Good for the environment and for your heating bills. We can also integrate wood or biomass burning stoves into the structure. You can’t beat a wood stove for giving a cosy feel to any room in the colder months. If you have a large garden or a farm, for example, your supply of fuel can come fully or partially from scrap (as long as you’re careful about burning treated wood – the smoke can be quite toxic). The greenest options are solar and wind power. The equipment needed for either of these options is becoming increasingly affordable and compact. Gains in efficiency also mean that it’s easier than ever before to generate your own electricity, more than enough to power active garden rooms. If you would like to discuss any of these options or your own ideas for bringing heat, light, and electric power into one of our outdoor rooms, feel free to get in touch with the team at Ecospace.