Green roofing – literally! – 27 / 04

One of the most striking features of Ecospace Studios’ garden rooms is the green, growing roof. While we do offer other options like timber clad roofing, most of our customers love the idea of a planted surface particularly for horizontal roofs. It adds visual amenity to the building and goes further than anything else we’ve seen to blend a garden room into the fabric of the green space around it. Environmentally friendly garden rooms are one of the central tenets of Ecospace Studios. We don’t include any feature without considering the pros and cons from an environmental point of view. Not to worry though, planted roofing passes through all our tests with flying colours. It is an excellent and very green choice for more than one reason. First, it’s great insulation. Both the green growth itself and the soil layer contribute positively to the insulating layer. In winter, the plant life keeps the roof from freezing, and in the warmer months the impact of the sun is regulated. Soil is very good at absorbing heat during the day and radiating it at night, helping keep the garden room at a stable and moderate temperature over the daily cycle. Second, a carefully chosen planted roof is a surprisingly durable and low maintenance option. We choose roofing plant species carefully, so you won’t have to spend time weeding, mowing, or otherwise mucking about on the roof of your new garden studios. They provide a dense coverage that stays even and won’t get out of hand.