Healthy Garden, Healthy Mind – 04 / 10

A large number of us simply find it very difficult to relax, especially at the end of a hectic day when the proverbial ‘To Do’ list isn’t quite done with. But time to rest and wile away the day’s trials and tribulations is important to both a healthy mind and body. Similarly to sleeping, the mind needs time to process the day’s activities, figuring out what goes where, a little like a filing system. Garden buildings, like our modular EcoCubes, can provide a place of much-needed solace; a place to shut yourself away in comfy hermitude. Every outdoor space has the potential to be a practical, inviting, and healthy environment for you to relax in. Whether you need a space to use a more private office disconnected from the rest of your hectic and busy home, or even a building to use as a specially-designed gym and work-out area, we at Ecospace can provide you with the environmentally-friendly, secluded space you have been searching for. Our modular buildings can be engineered to fit almost any shape you care to challenge us with, affording you the simple pleasure of a welcoming, environmentally-friendly garden abode. We have five particular styles of garden studio on offer, including the quaint home office WorkPod, large Configurator, standard studio and Mono-pitch and Dual-pitch designs to suit all requirements, so whatever you intend to use your newfound space for, we have the solution.