Holiday Homes Can Be Eco-friendly – 23 / 11

Getting away from the stresses of the office for a few days or weeks can be just what the doctor ordered and can allow you to regain your calm. This sort of relaxation is crucial for your wellbeing and health, allowing you to recharge your batteries and prepare for further challenges afterwards. However, you may be among the rising number of people who feel guilty jetting off to far flung destinations when you are taking your annual leave from work. The strain on the planet of this kind of activity is now known and this may well be enough to encourage you to vacation in the UK. After all, while the weather can’t be guaranteed to be excellent, there are many stunning areas of natural beauty to explore up and down the land, as well as thousands of miles of coastline. One way to feel close to nature and enjoy this side of Britain is to stay in sustainable housing that has been created specifically for holidaymakers. Here at Ecospace, we have taken the concept of the traditional mholiday lodge and transformed it into a sustainable sanctuary, where you can enjoy the beauty and wildness of the countryside without a sense of guilt that you are contributing to its demise. Our architects design modular holiday homes that can perfectly suit your needs in an environmentally-friendly way. The constructions have bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms, meaning they can cater for your every need. So why not get in touch with us and see if you can find the modular holiday homes of your dreams?