How Can You Get Your Perfect Garden Buildings? – 30 / 11

You may be keen to add to the value of your home and make it better for you to live in by adding garden buildings. Such constructions can make a real difference to your property, providing you with more space. However, you might have been put off investing in bespoke garden rooms and other home extensions because you think the process will be long and difficult. After all, few of us have time to waste going to and fro with building firms, getting planning permissions and doing detailed costings. The pressures of work and family life are simply too great for this. If this is what has been deterring you from getting garden rooms, you may have been labouring under a misapprehension. Thanks to the existence of firms such as us here at Ecospace, it is possible to have a fast, pain-free route to your ideal extension. We will discuss your requirements, have a site meeting and design consultations and then give you a proposal complete with a quote for the work. Once you are satisfied with this, we can take care of any planning applications you need and deliver your building in sections. Skilled craftsmen then erect the construction in a matter of days, causing minimum disruption to your household. The whole process from placing the order until completion of your building can take around 6 – 12 weeks, depending whether planning permission is required or not, and you will know exactly what to expect. Haven’t you delayed getting your garden buildings long enough? It could well be time to call in the experts and get those much needed additions to your property.