How could a Garden Room work for you? – 01 / 06

Working from home has its advantages – it does, for instance, save on commuting costs. However there are also some potential downsides, such as lack of space or privacy. These downsides are easily solved with a garden room – but what is a garden room, and what makes Ecospace garden rooms, in particular, so special? Essentially garden rooms will help you to optimize your household space, by turning your garden space into a functional space. This makes garden rooms ideal for a variety of applications: from storage to office use when you need extra room without the hassle of tampering with the architecture of your home. One of the distinct advantages of garden rooms is that, rather than trying to integrate a workspace in to a household environment and essentially work around the schedules of your family, you will have a completely separate space which will afford you all the privacy advantage of a dedicated office – without any of the downsides. Of course, if garden studios are to be built on your property it is important that they live up to the design ideals of the rest of your home, and therefore it is essential that rather than being purely functional spaces. Garden rooms need to compliment the aesthetics of your home, and this is where Ecospace steps in. If you want a garden room that is not only a stunning addition to any home, but one that lives up to the highest environmental ideals – then it just has to be Ecopsace.