How garden studios could save your marriage – 17 / 05

Recent research suggests that married couples could be better off sleeping in separate rooms. Given that we are advised to have at least seven a half to eight hours sleep a night, it is no surprise that regularly sleeping less than that can have direct implications on our mental and physical health and well-being. And that, in turn, can affect a marriage. But it isn’t only the quality of the sleep we have that can affect relationships. There are other factors which come with sharing intimate space which can cause friction. In some marriages, retirement can be a very challenging time for partners, especially those who had traditional roles with the man going out to work and the woman bringing up children and taking care of the house. Suddenly the man has nothing to do, is spending more time at home, and the domestic environment can become quite tense with both partners becoming frustrated. It may challenge our romantic notions to believe that space is a good thing for relationships, but the truth is that a healthy measure of space helps couples sleep better, rediscover their individuality and even their sense of romance. Garden studios provide the perfect opportunity to achieve all of these benefits. With garden studios, one of the partners is able to achieve the privacy and space they need to pursue a creative or artistic passion making them a happier and more rounded person. Garden studios can be used as a spare bedroom if sleeping together is no longer an option – all in all, garden studios may be the ideal solution to mend a marriage which has hit difficult times.