How to Make Your Garden Rooms Sustainable – 15 / 09

If you have an interest in sustainable housing, you’ll want to extend that to your outbuildings and garden rooms. One thing you can do is to ensure that structures on your property are made from sustainable materials like timber. Look for a minimal amount of plastic and other synthetics. Also look for low operating costs thanks to well insulated walls – this will be kind on your pocket and the planet. Check that your garden rooms have been built using low-toxicity materials, created with few or no industrial production processes. And of course, you need to go for something sustainable in the sense that it is going to last a long time too. Timber should be from recognised sources, and materials should have been sourced in the UK. Also ask how much site waste gets recycled. Things like having brochures on recycled paper and communicating mainly by phone and email, to reduce paper use, can tell you whether organisations calling themselves “sustainable architects” really are just that. At Ecospace Studios, we create garden office buildings and the like from sustainable wood from renewable, certified sources. Our multi-layered floors, walls and roofs provide outstanding insulation, while under-floor heating (low in energy and Scandinavian designed) keep you toasty whatever the weather. As well as looking great, our buildings are very low maintenance. We can even integrate solar panels, wind panels, wood burning stoves and other options for renewable energy. Visit our website today and learn more.